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Sunny InfoTech Marketing Pvt Ltd (SIMPL) is in the business of providing consulting services to identify customer need and requirements and then deploy requisite software solutions, including hardware infrastructure. A strong focus, as consultants / solution provider to high profile customers has enabled us to offer highly scalable and wide product range to our varied customers. We specialize in Green Computing, Disaster Recovery management and Backup solutions with a key focus on DATA Centres and related high IT power consumption.

SIMPL Consulting has in-house Design & Development facilities. We undertake complete turnkey projects in a cost effective manner providing design and development of new solutions to the complete satisfaction of our esteemed customers. All our solutions / products are designed and developed in compliance with highest international quality standards maintained under our, end to end TQM; Total Quality Management. We also offer customized solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs like e-Counselling; e-Education; helping with their DATA Centre Transformation; Web hosting; etc. Being very customer focused we take pride in implementation and support of our highly efficient quality solutions.

Design and Development of all solutions is done in house by our internationally trained Business Analyst and System Architects in our highly experienced D&D department. The Operations Department works diligently to meet our high efficiency throughput targets for solution deployments and provide cutting edge, state of the art support systems using various remote management services. The dedicated Quality Control Department ensures that we always meet and exceed the high quality standards of our customers. The timely despatch and implementation of solutions to our satisfied customers is handled competently by our Shipping & Handling Dept.

The company is currently operating its backend services from its own Data Centre with high capacity storage and robust Backup and DR solutions. It has scope to expand and support its activities in the present premises. With further enhancements in new and existing hardware solutions which are currently underway, the company has the capacity and potential to increase system deployment many fold.
 SIMPL Consulting team is also working on a new, ‘Centre of Excellence’, project for solution / product development. As part of this project the team plans to create a unique solution / product design and development centre with a keen focus on global standards and requirements. The aim of this project is to generate and enhance partnerships and long term relationships with international as well as local companies / customers and become a low cost, One Stop Shop for system solutions / product design and development of present and future customers. We will also undertake, specific issues related to customer needs for Design, development and deployment of Green DATA Centres, incorporating server virtualisation at all levels.

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